Tuesday, October 25, 2011

MRBerkeley.com/Schwalbe Elite Cycling Team

"On the Podium Locally and Internationally"

A huge thank you goes to MRBerkeley and Schwalbe Tires for helping us build what is promising to become a major force in Northern California competitive cycling.  The sponsor support has helped us, in this first year, accrue several podium finishes and allowed us to roll into the next season with some newly recruited talent.  

2011 Podium Finishes
2011 Masters UCI World Championships

2011 NorCal District Masters Championships

Bill Howard at Joseph Mendes Criterium 

MRBerkeley/Schwalbe Team Riders 2011 Top Finishes
2011 UCI Masters World Track Championships:  Allen Vugrincic - Bronze Medal 750 meter TT
2011 Elite State Track Championships (Pro/Cat 1,2,3,4):  
    1st Place Champions- Allen Vugrincic(Sprints, Kilometer TT), Mark Altamirano(Team Sprint), David Broekema(Team Sprint)
2011 Masters State Track Championships:
    1st Place Champions- Allen Vugrincic(Sprints, Team Sprint), John Simmons(Points Race, Scratch Race, Team Pursuit),                
    Steve Jones(Team Pursuit), Mark Altamirano(Team Sprint), David Broekema (Kilometer TT) 
2011 Sea Otter Classic:
     1st Place in Womens Circuit Road Race- Erin Durkee
2011 Copper Town Square Circuit Race-
     1st Place in Womens Circuit Road Race- Erin Durkee
2011 Hellyer Masters Omnium
     1st Place Omnium finisher- Mark Altamirano
2011 Festival of Speed-
     1st Place 500 meter TT- Mark Altamirano

Parting Shot
Along with the many wins and podium finishes this year, recognition has to be given to riders like Bill Howard or Colby Farrell who always exhibit a lot of presence and are key in animating races. A favorite moment this year has to be during the final lap on the run into the finish at the Joseph Mendes Criterium, where Bill was able to hold off the field that never closed on him with their attempted chase on his bridge-to-the break:


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